Image shot by: Sydney Noble | @ sydneynoblephoto     

                                   Image shot by: Sydney Noble | @sydneynoblephoto



You want to know about us? 

Our ultimate goal is to create a supportive dance community whether it's through communication, informing students with proper knowledge behind dance history, sharing our choreography or just dancing and moving together.  There is nothing more powerful than expression at it's purest form, so why not make an environment where we can do all of these things?

How we came up with this idea was simple!  As female role models to other movers, we decided to collaborate our minds together and focus on developing the growth of the youth.  The beauty about this concept is the fact that we come to you!  This 2- day intensive is set out to give you everything you need and more.

We are so thrilled to start this journey and maybe one day, spend a couple days with you! Any Inquires? Email us at


~Our Mission Statement~

“The GentleLadies Intensive works to empower all movers to develop their artistic identity through personalized quality dance education and connection with strong female role models.”