~Our Events~

The beauty about this new era we've created is the idea that we can do so much more than help build a community and culture only through movement.  We want to allow all sorts of people to join this movement and create enviiornments that allow other artists to shine using other gifts they are given.  All art forms coincide with one another, so we decided to host events outside the intensive, here at our home base.  Although you might not be able to physically be present, we don't want to leave you out!  

Open Mic Night

Ken & Domino
Speaker and Mic

Our monthly Open Mic Nights have become a hit in North Hollywood!  We have set a platform for all artists to share their craft, embrace other creatives, and merge artistic minds.  This event continues to grow each month, and each month we are all so inspired.  We hope to continue providing an open atmosphere where everyone is welcome to share and feel comfortable expressing themselves.  Come out and share, every last Thursday of each month, in North Hollywood.

TGL Night-Out

Every other week, we set aside time for each Gentle Lady to teach.  This allows us to continue our growth as teachers and mentors in our community.  These classes push each faculty member to try something new, see where they are creatively, and encourage their students to continue their growth as artists.  Interested in taking class?  Follow us on Instagram to see who is teaching for the month.  

Want to see TGL Night-Out Footage?  Click the link below