The Intensive    

PAVE YOUR OWN LANE. Sure it may take longer, be more challenging and appear daunting, but keep it up. You’ll be flying by the traffic in no time.”
— Allie Costello



Classes we offer:

Hip-Hop, Grooves,  Jazz & Jazz Funk,  Contemporary,  Tap,  Modern,  House,  Heels,  Contact Improvisation,  Waacking,  Stretch & Strength,  Yoga,  Pilates, Creation & Composition





TGL Intensive is an all-female faculty, in-studio, traveling dance intensive that caters to you and your students.  This dance intensive is built around the concept of informing the uninformed by creating an open space to develop.  In order to keep dance at it's purist form, you must build a genuine community and from there, you can grow and create endless possibilities.  Dance is a worldwide language, so let's share together!

This is a one of a kind workshop that allows kids and young adults to push their minds outside of their own creative bubble.  We continue to make this our goal, and hope to bring the experience to you!

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Want to see how we run our intensives?! 

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Photos by: Jordan Sotero | @soterojordan